Comites conference “Young people and new immigration”

Comites conference “Young people and new immigration”

181024 Status of the involvement of COMITES letter prot. 4150 191 of 25 October 2018 letter prot. 4150 139 SG of 30 July 2018

As part of the initiatives for Italian residents in our constituency and in the light of the new migration dynamics, the Com.It.Es. of Toronto organizes, on March 9th 2019 at the Columbus Center, a conference that will involve the young people of our community, giving priority to the deepening of issues closely related to current forms of immigration and specific projects aimed at welcoming and inserting new arrived in local contexts.

The event is part of the “Second Conference of Young Italians in the World”, to be held in Palermo from April 16 to 19, 2019. This will also be an opportunity for Com.It.Es. to select a young Italian, resident in our consular district, to be delegated to the world conference in Palermo.

We ask for your cooperation in spreading information to your contacts, in particular to students, volunteers, young people active in the Italian community.

Selection criteria : the delegate must be aged between 18 and 35, availability and ability to organize social and cultural activities for young Italians residing abroad, before and after the Conference, and a predisposition to human relationships and a spirit of initiative. It must also ensure participation in the conference of 9 March and its commitment, from the spring of 2019 until the end of the current CGIE mandate (2020), with a constant, proactive and factual contribution to the work of the construction of the network of Young Italians in the World . Finally, the delegate must be able to communicate in written and oral Italian sufficiently to carry out the work. Those interested can submit their candidacy by sending their CV and a short text that clarifies specific perspectives and motivations by February 15th at . The application must indicate name, surname, gender (M / F), date of birth, place of residence, region of origin in Italy, type of emigration (new emigration / second generation), registered AIRE (YES / NO), nationality (indicate all), email contact and postal address.

Mar 09, 2019|Mar 09, 2019
Columbus Centre

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