Elected Members

Who We Are

Istituiti nel 1985, i Comites sono organismi rappresentativi della collettività italiana, eletti direttamente dai connazionali residenti all’estero in ciascuna circoscrizione consolare ove risiedono almeno tremila connazional iiscritti nell’elenco aggiornato di cui all’art. 5, comma 1, dellaLegge 459/2001.
In circoscrizioni ove risiedono meno di tremila cittadini italiani i Comitati possono essere nominati dall’Autorità diplomatico-consolare.

Established in 1985, the Comites are representative bodies of the Italian community, elected directly by Italians residing abroad in each consular district where there are at least three thousand compatriots enrolled in the updated list of AIRE. Comites Toronto, which represents Ontario (excluding the Ottawa area), Manitoba and Northwest Territories, started working in July 2017.

Elected Members


President, Member of the Executive Committee

Born in Salerno and residing in Etobicoke, Michela Di Marco holds a degree in Political Science of International Relations from the University of Salerno, a master’s in Political Science from the UofT, obtaining a scholarship on the negotiation of peace in the Middle East at the Rothberg International School of Jerusalem. She has worked for the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario, the Ministry of Community and Social Services of the provincial government of Ontario and currently works at COSTI. Despite being a recent immigrant, 2012, she has carried out various socially useful activities in our community, such as assistance for the elderly.
Its motto is: Simplicity, ardor and commitment.


Vice President, Member of the Executive Committee.

Born in Parma and living in Woodbridge, Luca Buiani holds a degree in Modern Languages ​​and Literature from the University of Bologna, with a specialization in Slavic philology. In Toronto he had many years of experience as an Italian language teacher and is coordinator of the elementary and middle school programs of International Languages ​​at the YCDSB. For the community he has collaborated with the Italian School and Culture Center for publications and professional teacher training, is negotiator for CUPE 2331-1 and president of ILEA Ontario.
His motto is: We always start from three and never from scratch.

Betty Lepore

Elected – Member of the Executive Committee

Born in Sciacca (AG) and living in Woodbridge, Benedetta (Betty) Lepore, holds a degree in Italian and biology from UofT. Her passion for working in the Italian community has led her to be part of various committees: she is president of the Sicilian Cultural Society of Canada, participated in the foundation of the Amici Museum, is a volunteer of L’Altra Italia and recently collaborated in the Panorama ItalianCanadian magazine with contributions on Italian and regional cuisine.
Its motto is: Always ready to serve the community.

Fulvio Rigato

Elected – Member of the Executive Committee

Born in Torreglia (PD) and living in Etobicoke, Fulvio Rigato graduated in medicine and surgery from the University of Rome, specializing in Rheumatology and Motor Rehabilitation. Primary professor at numerous institutes and adjunct professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza and Tor Vergata, he has held many practical and theoretical courses in the field of rehabilitation. For the community he has conducted interviews at OMNI TV for health information, served as vice president of the Toronto NCIC and contributed to the CIA 50+.
His motto is: With innocence and purity I will guard my life and my art (Hippocrates).

Enzo Di Mauro

Elected Member

Born in Rosolini (SR) and living in Toronto, Enzo Di Mauro completed the fourth year of a degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Catania. In Canada, he worked primarily in the media as an editor, reporter, journalist, host, news reader and associate producer. We remember his service to the community as a consular correspondent, the presidency of the Eloro Cultural Association, participation in the board of directors of Valle del Savuto, the National Ethnic Press and Media Council, the Sicilian Cultural Society and much more.
Its motto is: Together – for everyone, by everyone, with everyone.

Roberto Bandiera

Elected Member

Born in Syracuse and living in Toronto, Roberto Bandiera has a degree in accounting and a commercial expert. Over the past 50 years it has organized a myriad of events such as fundraisers, theater shows, radio programs, and much more. He was the founder of associations, clubs, literary competitions that have contributed to the improvement of the cultural tenor of the community. In 2003 he created Italcanadafest and Panorama ItalianCanadian with his friend Enzo Di Mauro. He loves stories about the history of Italy and to tell them.
Its motto is: Creativity at the service of the community.

Enrica Piccardo

Elected Member

Born in Savona and resident in Toronto, Enrica Piccardo graduated in languages ​​from the University of Genoa and obtained a double PhD in language teaching at the University of Brescia and at the Université de technologie de Compiègne (France) . He is Associate Professor at the University of Toronto (OISE). Expert consultant for the Council of Europe in language teaching projects (in particular the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), she has held many training courses for language teachers in different countries (Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Canada) and with local boards and the Department of Italian Studies.
Its motto is: Italian: a precious resource for a dynamic community.

Odoardo Di Santo

Elected Member

Born in Rocca Pia (AQ) and living in Toronto, Odoardo Di Santo completed his fourth year of law degree at the University of Rome and graduated in Political Science from York University. Enrolled in the Lazio order of journalists, he was editor-in-chief and recently collaborator and columnist of Corriere Canadese, founder of “Il sole”, provincial deputy of Ontario, president and CEO of the Workers Compensation Board, as well as legal advisor on labor issues. Among the community and voluntary activities, the most recent, among the many others, is the commitment to the construction of the monument to the fallen at work.
Its motto is: Justice, equality and solidarity.

Happie Testa

Elected Member

Born in Toronto, but lived for many years in Rome, Happie Testa studied political science at the University of Toronto and journalism at Ryerson University. In Toronto and Montreal she distinguished herself as a television reporter and writer for various publications (OMNI, Accenti, etc.). Always involved on a social and cultural level (Center des femmes italiennes de Montreal, Meta Center, Italian Heritage Month, Wee Festival), she opened the Rainbow Caterpillar multilingual children’s bookshop, born from the desire to help parents from Italy and other cultures to pass on their mother tongue. In 2016 he created the Mosaique bookstore, the only French and multilingual bookstore in Toronto.
His motto: The community, a mosaic to compose, preserve and enhance!

Frances Tibollo

Elected Member

Born in Toronto and resident there, Frances Tibollo completed an Advanced MajorB.A. from St. Francis Xavier University in the city of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, earned a doctorate from the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa and a doctorate in law from the University of Ottawa. At the age of 16, Frances founded The Oaklands Foundation, a non-profit organization with the aim of subsidizing projects to promote the education and training of disadvantaged young people.
Its motto is: The law at the service of the weakest.

Franco Gaspari

Elected Member

Born in Pescara and residing in Oshawa, Franco Gaspari graduated in physics from the University of Bologna and obtained a master’s and doctorate in physics from UofT. He is now professor of physics and director of the master’s and doctoral program in materials science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa. He has an intense and prolonged experience of working for the community having been president of the Dante Society, member of the board of the School Center and president of INCA Canada and Comites.
Its motto is: Yet it moves (Galileo).

Attilio Dell'Anno

Elected Member

Nato a Tufo di Minturno (LT) e residente a Burlington, sposato con 4 figli, Attilio Dell’Anno è laureato in scienze sociali e pedagogia all’Università di Toronto. Professore di scienze sociali, ha insegnato nelle scuole cattoliche di Toronto per 25 anni. Oltre a promuovere iniziative culturali, ha allenato squadre giovanili di calcio per 15 anni. Ha lavorato in centri di assistenza sociale nella zona di College, poi in quella del Queensway a Etobicoke al servizio della comunità come interprete, organizzatore di raccolte fondi, cittadinanza canadese e scuola d’italiano. Ha collaborato alla realizzazione del Monumento sul Multiculturalismo (Union station). È membro dei Bersaglieri di Toronto, del Roseto Club e dell’Italfest di Mississauga.
Il suo motto è: Insieme si può fare di più.

Born in Tufo di Minturno (LT) and living in Burlington, married with 4 children, Attilio Dell’Anno graduated in social sciences and pedagogy from the University of Toronto. Professor of social sciences, he taught in Toronto Catholic schools for 25 years. In addition to promoting cultural initiatives, he has coached youth soccer teams for 15 years. He worked in social welfare centers in the College area, then in Queensway in Etobicoke serving the community as an interpreter, fundraising organizer, Canadian citizenship and Italian school. He collaborated in the realization of the Monument on Multiculturalism (Union station). He is a member of the Toronto Bersaglieri, the Roseto Club and the Mississauga Italfest.
Its motto is: Together we can do more.